Feverfew root

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Feverfew root
DQIV Feverfew Root.png
Localized As Padekia
Found in Dragon Quest IV
Buy for n/a
Sell for n/a
Effect Cures Kiryl's fever.

Feverfew root (originally Padekia or Padequia Root) is a special kind of medicinal herb in Dragon Quest IV. It is the only known medicine capable of healing a fever. The castle town of Parthenia is dedicated to farming this herb, but their stock has run down to nothing. The last remaining herbs are in the Imperial Pantry of Parthenia, but are guarded by demons, to the dismay of the inhabitants.

When Alena and her party visit the southeastern continent, Kiryl falls ill with fever. Alena gathers a small group of mercenaries to try and recover the Feverfew root, but fails. Luckily, the Hero and his party is able to recover the plant and rid Kiryl of his ailment in Mintos. This act ultimately causes Alena, Kiryl and Borya to join the party.

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