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The Azimuth (also known as Gottside) is a small town in Dragon Quest IV. Located on Central Island, The Azimuth is said to be the nearest point to the sky, but also the nearest to the Doorway to Nadiria. One of the inhabitants believes he can hear the voice of God coming from the heavens.

To the east of it is Baron's Folly, and to the south is the Stairway to Zenithia.


Shop & Service[edit]

Item Shop
Item Price Attributes
Medicinal herb 8
Antidotal herb 10
Holy water 20
Chimaera wing 25
Moonwort bulb 30
Musk 150
Armor Shop
Item Price Attributes
Iron mask 3,500 Defense +25
Dragon shield 7,100 Defense +30
Magic vestment 4,400 Defense +35/+38
Dragon mail 5,200 Defense +45
Spiked armour 9,800 Defense +50
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10 gold per person

Nearby monsters[edit]



  • In Chapter 6, the town has a hole opening which leads to the bonus dungeon.
  • The normal town music is replaced with the music heard in a shrine.


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Locked doors[edit]

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