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Leiamland is an island in the overworld of Dragon Quest III.

It is located south of Theddon, east of Lanson, and is meant to represent Antarctica in the real world, although it is not of a relative size.


Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation[edit]

The shrine of Leiamland is the nest of the egg of Ramia, guarded by twin girls who speak in unison and beseech the Hero to gather the Six Orbs to hatch the Everbird. The twins will also keep track of the number of orbs that have been gathered, but are unable give hints as to their locations.

Leiamland is first alluded to by the prisoner in Theddon, who tells the Hero to gather the orbs and travel to the southernmost continent.

Remake changes[edit]

In the GBC version, the spot that was occupied by Ramia will become a portal to the Ice Cave, a second bonus dungeon. The entrance, will become available after making a wish to Xenlon.

Treasure (remakes only)[edit]

Nearby monsters[edit]

Dragon Quest of the Stars[edit]

The shrine appears as a smaller structure resembling mushroom in the game, but otherwise serves the same purpose as in its original appearance. The twin maidens have been illustrated for the first time, wearing golden tiaras that curve upwards into twin prongs, golden gowns, and blue necklaces made of large spheres.


  • The Japanese name, Reiamurando, is derived from Graham Land, the British name for the largest peninsula on the Antarctic continent.


  • Leiamland is never actually mentioned by name in the Square Enix script, with fans only discovering the difference by looking at the files of the Cell phone version. Casting Storeyteller will reveal nothing when used in the shrine.
    • Potentially as a result, the quest bearing its name in Tact's "True Dragon Quest III" event is still referred to as "Liamland".
  • Twins girls speaking in harmony and protecting a massive egg is an allusion to the 1961 tokusatsu film Mothra, with Ramia's egg even bearing the same markings as the eponymous insect.