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Evac, also known as Outside, is a spell that has existed in every Dragon Quest game. When used, it warps the user and his/her party outside the dungeon they are inside.

If there are multiple entrances to a dungeon (such as the Quagmire Cave), Evac will warp you to the entrance you came in from. The evac-u-bell item, introduced in Dragon Quest IX, gives a similar effect.


Dragon Quest[edit]

Dragon Quest II[edit]

Dragon Quest III[edit]

Dragon Quest IV[edit]

Evac is learned by the Hero at level 13, Borya at level 7, and Maya at level 9, and is already known by Psaro upon joining.

Dragon Quest V[edit]

Name Level
Daughter 9
Chimaera 12
Hero 14
Beastmaster 18
Slime 18
Rebjørn 45

Dragon Quest VI[edit]

Evac is learned by Milly at level 7, and by Ashlynn at level 10. Other characters can learn it by advancing to rank 5 of the Mage vocation.

Dragon Quest VII[edit]

Outside is learned by the Hero at level 28, Maribel at level 9, and a fourth tier Mage after 43 battles. Melvin comes with this spell already learned. It costs 8 MP to cast.

Dragon Quest VIII[edit]

Evac is learned by the Hero at level 6 and by Jessica at level 11.

Dragon Quest IX[edit]

Evac is learned by mages at level 8, thieves at level 12, minstrels at level 10, rangers at level 7, and sages at level 5. It costs 3 MP to cast.


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