Big Banga Slash

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Big Banga Slash is a recurring sword skill in the Dragon Quest series. In Dragon Quest Tact, it is the Hero Solo's Coup de Grâce. When used, he throws a giant fireball at the target while midair, then lights his sword ablaze before throwing it at the fireball as it lands to detonate a razing explosion at any other foes nearby.


Dragon Quest Walk[edit]

Big Banga Slash can be learned by any character equipped with the Zenithian sword at weapon Level 30. It costs 19 MP to use and inflicts 330% potency Frizz-type slashing damage to a single enemy.

Dragon Quest Tact[edit]

Big Banga Slash can be learned by Hero Solo at level 82 and costs 120 MP to use and has a range of three squares away from him in any direction. It inflicts 400% potency Frizz-type physical damage to a single target and then 220% Frizz-type physical damage to them and any other enemies in a rhombus-shaped area of effect around them. Since it is a Coup de Grâce, it takes 3 turns to charge and can only be used twice per battle. Upgrading the ability increases its damage and reduces the amount of MP it costs to use.

Big Banga Slash (ビッグバンソード Biggubansōdo)Tactlogo.png
Ability information
Big Banga Slash
Role * Type * Element MP cost
Attack Physical DQTact Frizz.png 120
Times usable: 2
Range Additional effects
DQTact RangeDual2.png / DQTact RangeRhombus3.png
Deals Frizz-type physical damage (400% potency) to 1 enemy in purple area, deals Frizz-type physical damage (220% potency) to all enemies in orange area
Turns needed: 3
Naturally learnt by
Hero Solo