Just Claws

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Just Claws is a recurring skill in the Dragon Quest series. It is an enemy-only skill that delivers two slashing attacks with the monster's claws in quick succession, much like Falcon Slash.


Dragon Quest X[edit]

Just Claws is an enemy-only skill used by various monsters including Silvapithecuses, Batmandrills, Pazuzu, and Ursa pandas. It strikes twice with a single attack, dealing 75% damage each.

Dragon Quest XI[edit]

Just Claws is a Pep power that can be used by a Bloodbonnet and Goobonce, a Smogbonnet and Sootbonce, or a Bilebonnet and Snotbonce when they are both pepped up. It attacks a single character twice.

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The skill's name is a play on the phrase just cause, a term which refers to a legally permissible or sufficient reason for an action.