Mad Dash

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Mad Dash is a skill that debuted in Dragon Quest Tact. The finer details of the technique vary between titles but always involve the user moving at a tremendous speed.


Dragon Quest Tact[edit]

Mad Dash is known naturally by Drag racer at level 1 and costs 16 MP to use. It greatly raises the user's Move for one turn.

Mad Dash (全力疾走 Zenryoku shissō)Tactlogo.png
Ability information
Mad Dash
Role * Type * Element MP cost
Support Martial DQTact Non-elemental.png 16
Range Additional effects
DQTact Range1.png
DQTact MovementUp.png
Move Up
Greatly raises the user's Move for 1 turn
Naturally learnt by
Drag racer

Dragon Quest Treasures[edit]

Mad Dash is the family skill of the Golden goliaths, Gigantes, & Magmantes, and is only available to the fashionable versions of these monsters. It costs 15 MP and is a series of swift club swings that deal tremendous impact damage with the giant stepping forward with each blow to quickly close ground on the target.