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Magic Barrier is a recurring spell in the Dragon Quest series. It raises the magic resistance of the whole party in all appearances, with the accuracy of status ailment spells also being cut in the first three games.


Dragon Quest VI[edit]

This spell is obtained by advancing to either Rank 5 of the Paladin vocation or rank 7 of the Sage vocation. Magical damage is cut by 25%, lasts until the end of battle, and costs 3 MP to cast. Ailment accuracy varies depending on the status itself, but each one is lowered by one stage regardless.

Dragon Quest VII[edit]

Magic barrier is learned by reaching the same ranks as in the previous game int he psx version, and also by reaching rank 4 pf the Monster Masher profession in the 3DS remake. The spell now lasts for 11~14 turns in either version.

Dragon Quest VIII[edit]

Jessica will learn Magic Barrier after investing 31 skill points into her Staves. The spell operates as before, but will now only last for 6~9 turns.

Dragon Quest IX[edit]

Magic Barrier is learned by sages at level 38. It costs 6 MP to cast, increases resistance by 25% when first cast, 50% on the second application, and lasts for 6~9 turns. Magic barrier now only affects spell damage, and this would continue in the following games.

Dragon Quest X[edit]

Dragon Quest XI[edit]

Magic Barrier is known by Veronica when she joins the party and costs 4 MP to cast. It functions exactly as it did in IX, aside from the lowered cost as well as cutting the amount of MP drained by an enemy's action by 25%.

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