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Dragon Soul is a powerful skill that engulfs the user in an aura shaped like an Eastern dragon, charging at the the foe to deal immense damage. It can be seen as the inverted, skill counterpart to the more common Puff! spell: Dragon Soul has an oriental theme to Puff's occidental and focuses on one enemy when the spell damages all foes.


Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King[edit]

The Hero is half-Dragovian and Dragon Soul is his manifestation of the species' ability to transform their bodies into the scaled beasts at will. It was added as a bonus feature in the international release of the game in 2005 and was retained for the Japanese version for the 2015 3DS port. It is learned at level 65 in the former and 70 in the later, and costs 64 MP in either version. Dragon Soul deals 420~520 non-elemental damage to one enemy and is unaffected by Oomph but can be boosted with Tension for a maximum of 5,000 damage.

Dragon Quest X[edit]

Dragon Quest of the Stars[edit]

Dragon Soul appears as the main skill of the Dragovian sword and as one of the main skills of the alchemized and awakened variants of the sword.

In Stars, Dragon Soul is a powerful single-target Zap-type physical attack, which can occasionally boost the next Zap-type skill or spell used on the enemy. This skill can only be equipped on swords with a purple S slot.

This skill can get upgraded a bit by polishing an awakened Dragovian sword to the maximum value (+1000). When the sword gets polished so much, the skill's slot gets awakened -marked by a cyan glow around it-, reducing the skill's charge time.

Dragon Soul (ドラゴンソウル Doragon Souru)Dragon Quest of the Stars English logo.png
Ability information
Dragon Soul
Type & Rank Target CT Restriction
DQotS Purple S.png Single enemy 15s DQotS Sword.png
700% potency Zap-type attack.
Has a 30% chance of boosting the following Zap-type attack by x1.5
How to obtain
Dragovian sword, Dragovian sword ★, Dragovian sword +

Dragon Quest Walk[edit]

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