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Buff is a recurring spell in the Dragon Quest series. It increases a party member's defence. Buff is the single-target version of Kabuff.


Dragon Quest III[edit]

Buff is learned by both Mages & Sages at level 4. It increases the defense of one ally by 100% and requires 3 units of MP. The cap in all versions of the game is 999.

Dragon Quest IV[edit]

Buff is learned by Kiryl at level 5. It increases defence by 150% and lasts for 7~10 turns in the Playstation version onwards, with the stat cap being 999 in all versions.

Dragon Quest V[edit]

Buff costs 2 MP and raises defence by 40%, capping at double the original value.

Name Level
Mandrake marshal --
Rebjørn --
Mudraker 5
Warhog 5
Cureslime 8
Hero 9
Bad apple 10
Pocus poppet 10
Pip fighter 15

Dragon Quest VI[edit]

Buff is already known by Milly upon joining the party. Other characters can learn it by advancing to rank 3 of the Priest vocation. It costs 2 MP to cast, and will increase a character's defence by 50% with a limit of +200 points and lasts until the end of battle.

Dragon Quest VII[edit]

The Hero learns buff at level 6, and other characters can learn it at rank 3 of the priest vocation and rank 2 of the Jawtoise. It has the same properties as the previous game.

The spell is also known to Zev.

Dragon Quest VIII[edit]

Buff is already known by Angelo when he joins the party. It has the same attributes as the previous two games, but now has a turn limit of 7~10.

Dragon Quest IX[edit]

Buff is learned by paladins at level 2 and priests at level 8. It costs 3 MP to cast and increases defence by 50% for a duration of 7~10 turns. Unlike previous isntances, buff's effect can only be applied once.

Dragon Quest X[edit]

Dragon Quest XI[edit]

Serena and Hendrik will learn buff at level 12 and 36 respectively. It doubles one character's defence for 3 MP, and lasts 4~6 turns. As with IX, the effect can only be applied once.