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The class system in Dragon Quest III is composed of 7 classes. In the remakes of the game, the system added the Thief class, expanding the number to 8.

Class change requirements[edit]

For a character to change class, they must be level 20 or higher. Classes can only be changed at the Alltrades Abbey. A character can change to any other class aside from the Hero class. However, in order to become a Sage, the character must either be a Gadabout, or possess the Words of Wisdom (Book of Satori in the NES version, Zen Book in the GBC translation).

Hero class[edit]

The hero class in Dragon Quest III is unique. The Hero is not permitted to change classes, and no other character may assume the hero class.

Class change mechanics[edit]

When changing classes, the character goes back to level 1 regardless of their current level or any previous level held while being another class. All of the characters statistics are reduced by half. Any spells learned are retained in the new class. A character may only equip items which are eligible to their class. No equipment can be carried over when changing classes.

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