Hero's Son (Dragon Quest V)

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Dragon Quest series character
Hero's son
Prince of Gotha
Dragon Quest V
Hero and Bianca's son
Sprite Hero & Bianca's sonHero & Flora's son
Japanese Name 男の子
Rōmaji Otokonoko
Title Son
Legendary Hero
Class Hero
Race Human/Zenithian
Age 8 (after second timeshift)
Voice Actor Konami Yoshida (CD Theater)

The Hero's son is the legendary hero that the hero is searching for in Dragon Quest V. He also has a twin sister. He is eight years old by the third arc.

In English his default name is Parry. In Japanese his default names are Cooper (クーパー) on the SNES and Rex (レックス) on the DS. In the CD Theater audio drama and official novelizations, his name is Timmy (ティミー) .


Warning: Spoilers
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Parry was born with his twin sister in the castle town of Gotha shortly before his father was crowned king. However, their mother Bianca/Nera/Debora was abducted by monsters and their father went missing searching for her. Eight years later, he along with his sister and Sancho finally located their petrified father and restored him to life. With him recuperated, the twins journeyed with their father in search of their missing mother.

As it turns out, Parry was the legendary hero that his grandfather Pankraz was searching for years ago - he simply had not been born yet. Thus, he was the only one able to wear the legendary Zenithian Equipment. After rescuing their mother in Crocodilopolis, he traveled with his father, mother, and sister into the underworld of Nadiria in search of his grandmother, Madalena.

Equipment, Stats, and Abilities[edit]

Parry can equip certain swords, boomerangs, axes, and staffs, and even the metal king equipment. However, being the legendary hero, he is able to wear the whole Zenithian set, each which provides powerful protection.

Like his father, he is a very versatile fighter. He also is very good in magic, though his spell selection differs greatly - in particular, he can use the Zap line of spells.

Attribute Starting Stats Maximum Stats
Level 5 99
HP 74 530
MP 12 460
Strength 35 255
Agility 44 255
Resilience 22 130
Wisdom 25 170
Luck 23 200
Initial gear Morning star, Magic shield, Full plate armour, Iron helmet


Level Learned Original Japanese PT Translation DS Version MP Description
5 マホトーン Mahotoon Stopspell Fizzle 3 Cast to prevent the enemy from casting spells.
8 スクルト Sukuruto Increase Kabuff 3 Raises the defensive power of all allies.
10 トヘロス Toherosu Repel Holy Protection 4 Causes weak enemies to leave you alone.
12 ベホイミ Behoimi Healmore Midheal 5 A stronger form of Heal.
13 ベギラマ Begirama Firebane Sizzle 6 This fire spell affects a group of enemies.
14 キアリク Kiariku Numboff Tingle 2 Cast to cure an ally from paralysis.
15 トラマナ Toramana Stepguard Safe Passage 2 Walk safely over barriers.
16 ベホマ Behoma Healall Fullheal 7 Restores an ally to full health.
18 インパス Inpasu Identify Peep 3 Cast on an treasure chest to reveal if its safe.
20 シャナク Shanaku Curseoff Sheen 10 Removes a curse.
23 フバーハ Fubaaha Barrier Insulatle 3 Provides added protection from breath type attacks.
25 ライデイン Raidein Zap Zap 6 Affects all enemies; the first lightning type spell.
27 ザオリク Zaoriku Revive Kazing 20 Brings an ally back to life.
30 ベホマラー Behomaraa Healus Multiheal 18 Restores some health to all allies.
34 ギガデイン Gigadein Lightning Kazap 15 Affects a group of enemies. Stronger than Zap.
38 ミナデイン Minadein Thordain Kazapple 10 Uses 10 MP from all allies to attack one enemy with a large lightning bolt.


  • Both Parry and Madchen inherit their hair color from their mother (e.g. blonde hair as Bianca's children).
  • Interestingly, the blue hair inherited from Nera makes him resemble the Hero of Dragon Quest VI.
  • His full name in the CD drama and novels in Japanese is ティムアル・エル・ケル・グランバニア - Timal El Kel Granvania. Granvania is the Japanese name for Gotha.


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