Orochi's Lair

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The Orochi's Lair[1] is a volcanic cave in Dragon Quest III. It is nearly adjacent to Jipang, and houses the altar on which maidens from the golden land are sacrificed to the eponymous serpent.

It was once visited by The Hero's father, the great Ortega during his travels through the world.[2]


Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation[edit]

The lair is a simple dungeon, consisting of two floors with a direct route with few branches. Metal slimes appear fairly regularly and in large groups, giving the party a chance to level up before facing the dragon.

Remake changes[edit]

On the second floor, Orochi's growls can be heard as the party approaches her.





  1. Name given when Storeyteller is used in the Cell phone version
  2. Shown in the prologue to the Super Famicom and Game Boy version of the game.