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Crackle is a recurring spell in the Dragon Quest series, and the second of the ice family. It lacerates one group of enemies with a volley of ice spears.

The spell is associated with the Icicle dirk, being cast whenever the dagger is used as an item in battle.


Dragon Quest III[edit]

Crackle is learned by mages and sages at level 20 and deals around 42~58 points of damage for 6 MP.

Dragon Quest IV[edit]

Crackle is learned by Borya at level 12. Crackle targets a group of monsters for 5 MP, and deals around 35~45 damage to each.

Dragon Quest V[edit]

Crackle deals between 42~58 points of damage to an enemy group for 5 MP, and is learned by the following party members.

Name Level
Moosifer 1
Old man of the sea 1
Blizzybody 12
Daughter 14
Powie yowie 15
Jailcat 16
Man o' war 30

Dragon Quest VI[edit]

This spell is learned by advancing to rank 6 of the Mage vocation. It deals between 42~58 points of damage for 5 MP.

Dragon Quest VII[edit]

Crackle is learned by advancing to rank 8 of the Mage vocation, and is used by High Priestess Jacqueline.

Dragon Quest VIII[edit]

Crackle is learned by Jessica at level 16. It impales an enemy group for 30~40 before her Wisdom hits 100, with a maximum of 73~86 once her wisdom reaches 200. It costs 5 MP to cast.

Dragon Quest IX[edit]

Learned by: Mage Level 16 Minstrel Level 16, and cast by both for 8 MP Rips into a group of enemies with sharp icicles. Base damage is 42~58 before the caster's Magical might exceeds 100, and the cap is 142~157 at 999 M.M.

Dragon Quest X[edit]

Magi will learn crackle at level 24, and Minstrels at level 25. It costs 8MP to cast, and damage is calculated as Magical Might x 0.245 +18.5 for a cap of 132~140.

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age[edit]

Veronica will learn crackle at level 26, and Rab will have already learned it by the time he joins the party. It costs 8 MP to cast.

Dragon Quest Monsters[edit]

SnowStorm deals 42-58 points of ice damage to all enemies for 5 MP. It will be learned naturally by any monster that could learn IceBolt at level 12 as long as they have 42 max MP and 60 INT, which includes 1EyeClown, BigEye, GoatHorn, IceMan, Metaly, Mommonja, Servant, Snaily, TreeBoy, WindBeast, and Yeti. It will naturally upgrade into Blizzard as the monster levels up.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker[edit]

Crackle can be learned from:

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2[edit]

Crackle can no longer be learned from Aquapothecary or Niflheim. It can now be learned from:

Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below[edit]

Crackle is the second tier spell of Jessica and can be learned by investing 8 skill points. By charging her Crack spell for a short time, she can cast Crackle, which creates a burst of ice crystals that have a chance of freezing enemies in front of her for 13 MP. As she levels up more, she will be able to upgrade the spell and learn Kacrack.

Enemy versions[edit]

Crackle will deal 32~42 damage when used by a monster. Incredibly, the spell would keep this range all the way until VIII, in which it deals 24~32 damage. In IX it deals 25~40.

Battle Visuals[edit]