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Snooze is a recurring spell in the Dragon Quest series. The spell targets a group of enemies and attempts to lull them into a sorcerous slumber for 1~4 turns. Unless the enemy has a resistance, the spell will always be successful when cast.


Dragon Quest[edit]

Snooze is learned by The Hero at level 7. It costs 2 MP to cast. Like with other spells in the original title, Snooze uses a resistance table based on 15; I.E. 1 in 15 to hit, 2 in 15, and so on.

Dragon Quest II: Luminaries of the Legendary Line[edit]

Snooze is learned by The Princess of Moonbrooke at Level 2. Magic in DQII utilizes a resistance table based on 7 instead of 15.

Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation[edit]

Snooze is learned by The Hero at Level 16, and by Priests & Sages at Level 9. DQIII set the standard for magical resistances, introducing the familiar 100%, 75%, 25%, 0% accuracy ranges now familiar to players.

Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen[edit]

Snooze is learned by Borya at level 5 and Meena at level 6. The spell is also used by Laurel and Tom Foolery.

Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride[edit]

Name Level
Sancho --
Debora --
Bad apple 3
Ghost 6
Blizzybody 8
Chimaera 10
Dracky 10
Grudgerigar 10
Bianca 12
Old man of the sea 12
Nera 14
Daughter 20

Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation[edit]

Snooze is already known by Ashlynn and Goober upon joining the party, and is learned by Milly at level 11. Other characters can learn at the first rank of the Mage vocation.

Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past[edit]

Maribel learns Snooze at level 7. Other characters can learn the spell by reaching rank 2 in the Mage vocation. The spell costs 3 MP to cast.

Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King[edit]

Snooze is learned by Jessica at level 12 and can be cast for 3 MP.

Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies[edit]

Snooze is learned by armamentalists at level 8 and priests at level 6, costing 3 MP to cast with a 50% base accuracy. The chance of success will begin to rise once the caster's magical might surpasses 50 points, capping at 100% when the value reaches 999.

Dragon Quest X[edit]

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age[edit]

The Luminary will learn the spell at level 16, and Rab at level 23.

Dragon Quest Monsters[edit]

Called Sleep in this game, this ability can be learned by a variety of monsters. It requires the monster to reach at least level 4 with at least 24 MP and 16 intelligence. It grows into SleepAll when the monster reaches level 11 with at least 52 MP and 46 intelligence. It is naturally learned the Almiraj, DarkHorn, Dracky, DuckKite, EvilPot, Gulpple, StagBug, Stubsuck and Wyvern.

Dragon Quest Monsters 2[edit]

Sleep now requires 29 intelligence to learn and 83 intelligence to upgrade. It is naturally learned by the BeastNite, HaloSlime, LampGenie, MerTiger, Moray and Slurperon. It is no longer naturally learned by the EvilPot or Gulpple.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker[edit]

Snooze can be learned from:

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2[edit]

Snooze can be learned from all the skills it could be previously, as well as from Missing Lynx for 5 points.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Snooze is a spell that the Hero can cast under his Down special, Command Selection. The spell sends out a wispy projectile that flies directly forward. Enemies hit at a distance will be asleep for less time than those affected at close range. This spell can be used as a K.O. method against foes who are already off-stage, dropping them like stones.

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