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"The former monarch of the fallen realm of Dundrasil, and our Hero's grandfather. He fled on the fateful night his kingdom found itself overcome by monsters, and has wandered the world ever since with Princess Jade. It's a little known fact that he's actually the youngest of three brothers."

XI loading screen profile

Dragon Quest XI
DQXI Row.jpg
Sprite(s) DQXI Row sprite.png
Japanese name ロウ
Title King of Dundrasil
Class Sage
Race Human
Age 70's
Family Hero (grandson)
Eleanor (daughter)
Irwin (son-in-law)
Voice actor Mugihito (Japanese, Dragon Quest Rivals, XI S)
Alex Norton (English)

Rab (ロウ, ), also know by his formal title of Lord Robert, is a character in Dragon Quest XI. Despite his advanced age, he displays considerable abilities as a martial artist and magical prowess. He is a former king of Dundrasil, and is the grandfather of the Luminary.

Appearance and personality[edit]

Rab is an elderly gentleman with a bushy pair of eyebrows and matching mustache, and covers his bald head with a red fez. He wears a red open vest with intricate yellow patterns over a long-sleeved white tunic and a black sash worn around his waist. He also wears a pair of orange trousers, leather shoes worn with yellow socks, and he walks around with the help of a cane. Rab is also always seen carrying a large backpack.

Rab is a jolly old man who does his best to keep a positive attitude despite the tragedies his family has suffered in the past as well as the hardship he and his companions endure on their journey, often humming a tune to himself to relief stress. Rab rarely loses his temper with anyone, and even when he scolds a character he follows it up with sage advice gleaned from the experiences of his long life. In regards to monsters, however, Rab is much more ferocious and will typically have the most dynamic and aggressive party chat just before boss battles and fixed encounters--he still carries a strong grudge for the assault on castle Dundrasil and murder of his daughter and son-in-law.

Rab is seen as a grandfatherly figure by all members of the party, especially Jade and the Luminary due to their shared past and blood relation, respectively. His laid back and casual demeanor made him a popular figure among Erdrea's royals during his time as king-- and later advisor--of Dundrasil, speaking plainly and amicably with aristocracy and peasants alike. During his travels with Jade he has rubbed elbows with important figures in several towns, which makes certain accommodations much easier for the party in the present. Being a former disciple of Grand Master Pang during his childhood training in Angri-La, Rab practices a daily fitness routine based on the martial art that can be seen when the party is camping. Rab is also a bit of a dirty old man, keeping a copy of the Ogler's Digest magazine on his person, and he longs to get a copy of the out-of-print first issue. He frequently comments on the more curvaceous women the group encounters, particularly bunny girls, and one of his pep abilities involves getting a nosebleed to power up.

Despite his eccentricities and the humor at his expense they often bring, Rab is just as determined to save the world from the forces of evil as the rest of his companions, seeking to avenge his fallen kingdom and family while guiding his grandson to be the ultimate hero of legend.


Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age[edit]

Warning: Spoilers!
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Rab is the former king of Dundrasil, leaving the throne when King Irwin married his daughter Queen Eleanor approximately 16 years ago. His wife had passed away sometime prior to this and is not shown within the game, but it is stated that she was a beautiful woman Rab first met at a bookstore in Dundrasil's castle-town. In accordance with the royal family's tradition of sending male heirs off the Angri-La to recieve martial arts training, Rab spent six years of his youth in the mountain temple learning the ways enlightenment via the path of the fist. Though the training itself was a success, Rab would become infamous amongst the monks for reviving no less than 10,000 strikes to his backside from Grand Master Pang's Naughty stick, a "record" the exasperated woman doubts will be broken in her life time.

Sixteen years before the beginning of the game, a council of kings took place in Dundrasil to discuss the reincarnation of the fabled Luminary as Rab's newborn grandson. Catastrophe would strike on that very night, however, with the monster hordes of Mordegon siege Dundrasil to kill the infant before he can grow to challenge the evil sorcerer. Rab was unable to save the lives of his daughter and son-in-law and was barely able to escape the castle's destruction himself, but he did encounter princess Jade of Heliodor as she lay exhausted in the forest surrounding the castle. Having accompanied her father, King Carnelian, to the king's council earlier that day, she had spent time playing with queen Elanore and the newborn Luminary when the monsters attacked. Being entrusted with the infant's life by the queen, Jade carried his basket into the forest and lost if over a waterfall as she fled her pursuers. Hearing her story, the hope that his grandson still lives took hold of Rab's heart and he set out alongside the princess to travel the world int he hopes of finding him.

Rab is first encountered by the party in Octagonia as a participant in the tournament alongside Jade. Without revealing his identity to the party, he assists in the battle against monster beneath the town and admonishes Vince Vanquish for relying on such dangerous stimulants to win his battles in the tournament, but agrees to keep the matter a secret as the young martial artist only did it for the good of the town's orphanage. Once the Yellow orb is claimed by the Luminary, Rab asks the group to accompany him and Jade to the ruins of Dundrasil where he explains the situation and his connection to the man. The party holds a candle light vigil for the fallen King and Queen, with Rab tearing up as he proclaims that their son is still alive.

The quiet ceremony is interrupted by the arrival of Hendrik and his soldiers arrive to arrest the Luminary, and the group temporarily disbands before reuniting to assemble the rest of the legendary orbs and ascend the rainbow bridge to Yggdrasil. When the Luminary takes the Sword of Light from the heart of the flying tree, the party is ambushed by King Carnelian, Hendrik, and Jasper. Defeated and moments from being killed, Veronica uses her magic to scatter her friends to the four corners of Erdrea and give them a chance to strike back against Mordegon.

Months later the Luminary, having temporarily lost his divine powers in a gamble by Queen Marina to keep his location hidden from Mordegon, finds Rab training at the zenith of the Angri-La mountain chain. He returned to the temple to begin his training all over again to prepare for a counterattack against Mordegon, and is found severely emaciated and in deep meditation--with an ogler's digest at his side. Overjoyed to see his grandson once more, the duo receive a special lesson from Grand Master Pang to learn the incredible Pearly Gates and Quadraslash skills. the two master their abilities and also discover the powerful Solar Flair pep combo attack, departing Angri-La to recover their remaining companions.

Rab is a Sage, capable of using both offensive and recovery magic, including the Crack, Zam, and Whack series of spells. He also possesses characteristics of a Martial Artist, being capable of wielding claws. He can also equip two-handed heavy wands. His armor choices are mostly limited to robes, lightweight clothing, crowns, and hats.

Base stats & pep bonus[edit]

Attribute Starting Stats Maximum Stats
Level 23 99
HP 164 570
MP 123 660
Strength 44 310
Agility 50 200
Resilience 27 210
Magical Might 92 525
Magical Mending 94 525
Deftness 49 230
Charm 40 170
Initial gear Rab's cane, Fur poncho, Thief's turban
Iron claws (in inventory)
Pep boost Magical might +20% (40%), magical mending +20% (40%)
Magical critical hit rate up (magical critical hit rate further increased)
Parenthesis includes pep-up power-up bonuses.


Name Level MP Target Description
Zam 23 6 One enemy Small Dark Damage to a single enemy. Output is based on Magical Might
Dazzle 23 3 Enemy group Makes enemies hallucinate making them miss most of the time.
Squelch 23 2 One ally Cures of Poison
Sap 23 2 One enemy Decreases defence by 50% with high success rate
Crack 23 3 One enemy Ice damage to a single enemy
Snooze 23 3 Enemy group Sends enemy to sleep. Success rate is based on Magical Might and enemy resistance.
Defuddle 23 2 All allies Cures all party members of confusion
Insulate 23 4 One ally Increases breath resistance slightly for a single ally.
Divine Intervention 23 4 One enemy Reduces spell resistance with medium success rate.
Deceleratle 23 4 One enemy Decreases agility for a single enemy.
Kasap 23 4 All enemies Decreases defence by 25% to all enemies.
Crackle 23 8 Enemy group Stronger version of crack but on a group of enemies.
Dedazzle 23 2 One ally Cures ally of bedazzlement and blindness
Bounce 23 6 One ally Reflects spells to the caster. Even if you have bounce and you use a spell on an enemy with bounce, it won’t constantly bounce.
Midheal 23 6 One ally Restores medium HP to ally. Output is based on Magical Mending
Zing 23 12 One ally Revive a single enemy. Success rate and the house restored is based on magical mending.
Whack 23 5 One enemy Insta Kill an enemy. Success rate is based on Magical Might and enemy resistance
Moreheal 24 12 One ally Heals a large amount of hp to all allies.
Drain Magic 28 0 One enemy Steals some MP from a single enemy. Output is based on Magical Might
Multiheal 30 32 All allies Restores a medium amount of HP to all allies.
Kasnooze 32 8 All enemies Sends all enemies to sleep.
Zammle 33 9 One enemy Slightly stronger version of Zam
Blunt 34 6 One enemy Decreases ATK by 25% for a single enemy.
Insulatle 40 12 All allies Slightly Increases breath resistance
Kacrack 44 20 All enemies Heavy Ice DMG to all enemies.
Fullheal 47 24 One ally Restores all HP to a party member.
Thwack 49 10 Enemy Group Insta Kill a group of enemies. Success rate is based on Magical Might and enemy resistance
Kazam 52 18 One enemy Heavy Dark DMG.
Kamikazee 53 1 All enemies Makes an explosion in a way to instakill all enemies but you die after casting. 50/50 chance of working. And isn’t affected by bounce
Kazing 54 24 One ally Revives an ally. Always works unlikely zing. HP restored is based on Magical mending.

Event abilities[edit]

Name MP Target Description
Pearly Gates 24 All enemies Wind damage to all enemies, 135~165 base and 265~295 cap when Rab's strength reaches 200. Possesses a 20% chance to lower Zap resistance one stage, ghouls take 150% damage.

Character builder[edit]

Heavy Wands[edit]
Name Skill points MP Range Pep Oomph Info
Beelzefreeze 3 2 One enemy -- Yes 150% damage to Demon family monsters, 25% chance to paralyze
MP Absorption When Wielding +2% 4 -- -- -- -- N/A
Antimagic 5 2 One enemy -- -- Attempts to fizzle foes for 2~4 turns
Staff of Salvation 5 4 One ally Yes -- Restores up to 130~150 HP to an ally
Maximum MP When Wielding +10 6 -- -- -- -- N/A
Minor MP Recovery After Battle 6 -- -- -- -- 2~3 MP restored after each battle
Magical Might When Wielding +10 8 -- -- -- -- N/A
MP Absorption When Wielding +4% 8 -- -- -- -- N/A
Magical Might When Wielding +10 10 -- -- -- -- N/A
Maximum MP +20 10 -- -- -- -- N/A
Zing Stick 10 12 One ally Yes -- 100% revival chance with up to half HP restored
Magical Might When Wielding +20 12 -- -- -- -- N/A
Magical Might When Wielding +20 12 -- -- -- -- N/A
Maximum MP +30 14 -- -- -- -- N/A
Moderate MP Recovery After Battle 14 -- -- -- -- 4~6 MP restored after each battle
Magical Mending When Wielding +30 16 -- -- -- -- N/A
Magical Might When Wielding +30 16 -- -- -- -- N/A
Name Skill points MP Range Pep Oomph Info
Attack Power When Wielding +5 3 -- -- -- -- N/A
Propeller Blade 4 2 One enemy -- Yes Wind damage based on attack value that ignores enemy's defence, second attack is Rab's level
Critical Hit Chance When Wielding +2% 6 -- -- -- -- N/A
Dodge Chance When Wielding +2% 6 -- -- -- -- N/A
Attack Power When Wielding +10 8 -- -- -- -- N/A
Can Opener 8 4 One enemy -- Yes 300% (plus 10) damage to Machine family enemies, 200% damage to all other categories
Critical Hit Chance When Wielding +2% 10 -- -- -- -- N/A
Dodge Chance When Wielding +4% 10 -- -- -- -- N/A
MP Absorption When Wielding +2% 10 -- -- -- -- N/A
Hawkeye Claw 12 5 One enemy -- Yes 180%~220% damage to normal monsters, 1~2 damage to metal slimes, cannot miss
Critical Hit Chance When Wielding +2% 13 -- -- -- -- N/A
Dodge Chance When Wielding +4% 13 -- -- -- -- N/A
Air Raiser 14 12 One enemy -- Yes Up to 415~455 wind damage plus (level * 1.5 +10)
Attack Power When Wielding +15 14 -- -- -- -- N/A
Hardclaw 14 10 One enemy -- First hit Strike one enemy for 130%, 120%, 110%, 360% damage total
MP Absorption When Wielding +4% 14 -- -- -- -- N/A
Rake 'n' Break 16 12 One enemy -- Yes 260% damage that removes buffs
Wild Animaul 24 16 One enemy -- First hit Attack one enemy for 150%, 100%, 100%, 50%, 50% damage, 450% damage total
Hand of God 20 24 One enemy -- Yes Up to 380~460 light damage to one enemy
Name Skill points MP Range Pep Oomph Info
Benediction 4 2 One ally -- -- Cures curses
Maximum MP +10 6 -- -- -- -- N/A
M-Pathy 6 38 One ally -- -- Donates 38 MP
Right as Rain 6 12 All allies Yes -- Restores up to 52 HP to all allies for five turns
Magical Mending +5 10 -- -- -- -- N/A
Magical Might +5 10 -- -- -- -- N/A
Strength +5 10 -- -- -- -- N/A
Caster Sugar 12 16 Self -- -- Raises magical might and mending by 25% for 4~6 turns
Magical Mending +10 13 -- -- -- -- N/A
Magical Might +10 13 -- -- -- -- N/A
Agility +20 16 -- -- -- -- N/A
Maximum MP +30 16 -- -- -- -- N/A
Maximum MP +30 16 -- -- -- -- N/A
Pep Chance +5% 16 -- -- -- -- N/A
Pep-Up Power-Up 16 -- -- -- -- N/A
Agility +20 20 -- -- -- -- N/A
Maximum MP +30 20 -- -- -- -- N/A
Clear Your Mind 25 10 One enemy -- -- Removes buffs
Infinite Wisdom 25 32 Self -- -- Raises magical might and mending by 50%, lasts 4~6 turns
Kacrackle 36 60 All enemies Yes -- Up to 688~752 ice damage
Kazammle 36 42 One enemy Yes -- Up to 525~585 darkness damage, high critical hit rate


  • Weapons
  • Helmets
  • Armor
  • Accessories
Dragon Quest XI (S: Definitive Edition) 
Weapon Modifier(s)
Faerie staff Attack +15
Iron claws Attack +15
Rab's cane Attack +15
Wizard's staff Attack +17
Watermaul wand Attack +20
Rod of rapidity Attack +22
Rune staff Attack +23
Silver claws Attack +23
Staff of sentencing Attack +23
Lightning staff Attack +24
Hocus locus Attack +27
Infernails Attack +27
Shiverstick Attack +28
Steel claws Attack +29
Staff of antimagic Attack +30
Crow's claws Attack +31
Spirit staff Attack +33
Staff of divine wrath Attack +35
Lightning conductor Attack +36
Platinum claws Attack +36
Tsunami staff Attack +36
Celestial sceptre Attack +38
Kestrel claws Attack +41
Sage's staff Attack +45
Cobra claws Attack +47
Hieroglyph staff Attack +48
Ice claws Attack +49
Siren's staff Attack +50
Kite claws Attack +51
Magma staff Attack +51
Dragon claws Attack +52
Beast claws Attack +53
Sacrosanct staff Attack +53
Crimson claws Attack +54
Bright staff Attack +55
Wyrmwand Attack +55
Fire claws Attack +56
King cobra claws Attack +57
Beastmaster claws Attack +58
Supreme sage's staff Attack +63
Combusticlaws Attack +66
Monster slashers Attack +66
Shinning staff Attack +70
Dragonlord claws Attack +74
Staff of resurrection Attack +77
Crystal claws Attack +80
Orichalcum claws Attack +81
Brilliant staff Attack +84
Dragovian lord claws Attack +88
Rod of paradise Attack +88
Staff of eternity Attack +90
Frostfire fingers Attack +93
Decimators Attack +95
Aurora staff Attack +104
Godbird sceptre Attack +104
Xenlon claws Attack +109
Dragon Quest XI (S: Definitive Edition) 
Helmet Modifier(s)
Bandana Defense +1
Leather hat Defense +3
Pointy hat Defense +5
Feathered cap Defense +8
Turban Defense +12
Stone hardhat Defense +15
Iron helmet Defense +16
Fur hood Defense +18
Bronze helmet Defense +18
Malleable mask Defense +19
Hermes' hat Defense +20
Mercury's bandana Defense +23
Hocus hat Defense +24
Magical hat Defense +25
Crown of dundrasil Defense +28
Disturbin' turban Defense +30
Happy hat Defense +31
Iron headgear Defense +32
Gold circlet Defense +33
Papillon mask Defense +33
Scholar's cap Defense +33
Minister's mitre Defense +34
Star circlet Defense +42
Sun crown Defense +45
Skull helm Defense +49
Autumn shower hat Defense +51
Phantom mask Defense +51
Spring breeze hat Defense +51
Summer cloud hat Defense +51
Winter sky hat Defense +51
Yggdrasil crown Defense +51
Apollo's crown Defense +68
Dragon Quest XI (S: Definitive Edition) 
Armor Modifier(s)
Plain clothes Defense +4
Arriviste's vest Defense +5
Elevating vest Defense +5
Vest for success Defense +5
Wayfarer's clothes Defense +7
Leather armour Defense +11
Templar's uniform Defense +13
Chain mail Defense +20
Fur poncho Defense +29
Gallopitan garb Defense +35
Tortoise shell Defense +37
Hairy vest Defense +38
Magic vestment Defense +39
Fizzle-retardant suit Defense +40
Glombolero Defense +40
Smart suit Defense +40
Wizard's robe Defense +43
Prince's pea coat Defense +44
Agility gilet Defense +45
Drasilian dress coat Defense +47
King's coat Defense +53
Sage's robe Defense +55
Emperor's attire Defense +61
Dragon dojo duds Defense +62
Pallium regale Defense +65
Twinkling tuxedo Defense +67
Liquid metal jacket Defense +70
Freebooter's bolero Defense +72
Crimson robe Defense +73
Yggdrasil dress coat Defense +80
Dragon robe Defense +88
Metal king jacket Defense +101
Potentate's pallium Defense +105
Exotoga Defense +120
Legendary armour Defense +120
Metal king armour Defense +126
Dragon Quest XI (S: Definitive Edition) 
Accessories Modifier(s)
Aerofoil earrings Defense +5
Charm +10
Agility ring Defense +5
Agility +17
All-weather earrings Defense +5
Charm +16
Angel's sandals Agility +25
Anti-freeze earrings Defense +5
Charm +10
Archangel's boots Defense +25
Asbestos earrings Defense +5
Charm +10
Assasin Critical +1%
Defense +2
Charm +5
Blackout earrings Defense +5
Charm +16
Bling-bling belt Defense +2
Charm +11
Bow tie Defense +2
Charm +10
Brainy bracer M. Might +20
M. Mend +20
Brigand's mitts Defense +6
Deftness +32
Bunny tail Defense +7
Caligae of clarity M. Mend +20
Care ring Defense +5
Carer rivière Defense +3
Catholicon ring Defense +5
Choker of riddance Defense +3
Cinderblock earrings Defense +5
Charm +16
Concrete earrings Defense +5
Charm +10
Devil's tail Defense +2
Agility +10
Dogged collar Defense +4
Attack +8
Dragon scale Defense +8
Attack +9
Earthwyrm's eye Defense +7
HP +16
Charm +35
Elfin charm Defense +10
Freebooter's gloves Defense +48
Full moon collar Defense +3
Full moon ring Defense +5
Gloomy gloves Deftness +22
Gold bracer Defense +4
Charm +6
Gold chain Defense +1
HP +5
Charm +5
Gold ring Defense +5
Charm +8
Gold rosary M. Might +5
M. Mend +5
Guru's gloves M. Might +17
M. Mend +17
Deftness +40
Healer Defense +2
Charm +5
Holy talisman Defense +5
Life bracer Defense +3
HP +30
Life ring Defense +5
HP +5
Lucky dragon's wing Defense +7
Meteorite bracer Defense +100
Mighty armlet Attack +15
Minister's mitts M. Mend +20
Deftness +48
Mirror earrings Defense +5
Charm +10
Monarch mark Defense +10
M. Might +30
M. Mend +30
Murky mittens Deftness +32
Mystic Defense +2
Charm +5
Necklace of immunity Defense +3
Ogler's digest Defense +1
Papillon pendant Defense +3
HP +10
MP +10
Pink pearl ring Defense +5
MP +10
Charm +10
Prayer ring Defense +5
Charm +10
Protective pendant Defense +3
Ring of clarity Defense +5
Ring of immunity Defense +5
Ring of riddance Defense +5
Ring of truth Defense +5
Rosary M. Mend +6
MP +8
Rousing ring Defense +5
Rousing rose collar Defense +3
Rubber earrings Defense +5
Charm +10
Rubber gloves Defense +3
Deftness +12
Ruby of protection Defense +16
Safety goggles Defense +3
Scholar's specs M. Might +15
M. Mend +15
Charm +15
Shield-bearer Block +1%
Parry +1%
Charm +5
Defense +10
Skull ring Defense +5
Slime earrings Defense +2
Charm +6
Sorcerer's ring Defense +5
MP +10
Sorcerer's stone M. Mend +13
M. Might +14
Sovereign seal Defense +7
Charm +35
Springheel boots Defense +25
Spirit bracer Defense +7
MP +30
Star of clarity Defense +3
Strength ring Attack +5
Supplicant Defense +2
Charm +5
Titan belt Defense +5
Attack +12
Tough guy tattoo Attack +8
Torc of truth Defense +3
Traveller's hood Defense +4
Trickster Evasion+1%
Defense +2
Charm +5
Utility belt Defense +2
Deftness +15
Vanguard Defense +2
Charm +5
Agility +10
Venus' tear Defense +7
Charm +35
Warlock Defense +2
M. Might +3
M. Mend +3
Charm +5
Wings of serendipity Defense +5
Charm +20
Wristorative Defense +7

Dragon Quest Rivals[edit]

Rab is present as a player avatar and as the subject of several cards.


  • One line of Rab's dialogue was changed for Dragon Quest XI S. When he recommends that the party travel to Puerto Valor, he now acknowledges that the town is "off to the northwest of Gondolia." In the original version of Dragon Quest XI, his dialogue was much the same, except that he did not say where Puerto Valor was.
  • In the international fan poll for Dragon Quest XI that was released by Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, Rab placed last in popularity among the playable party members, with a total of 152 votes.