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Trodain is both a castle town and a kingdom found in Square Enix's Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King. Thanks to the curse placed upon it by Dhoulmagus, it is wrapped in thorns and it's people turned into petrified plants. Monsters have since inhabited the castle since it's desolation.


Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King[edit]

Trodain is the home to The Hero, King Trode, and Princess Medea with the former serving as a low-ranking guard. The kingdom was prosperous before it's fall, maintaining good relations with the other lands and especially so with the kingdom of Argonia in the southwest. The royal family's lineage stretched back centuries, being tasked by a great sage to guard a foreboding scepter against those who would exploit it. This stewardship was broken when the failed magician Dhoulmagus infiltrated the castle as a travelling jester meaning to entertain the sovereignty.

Being rewarded for his parlor tricks with a night in the castle, Dhoulmagus slipped into the chamber that sealed the scepter and, after a bit of banter with Trode and Medea after the two tried to reason with him, removed it from it's bindings. Transforming the king and princess into a monster and mare respectively to test out it's power, the madman then unleashed the full force of the staff in the center of the castle. This sent writhing tendrils of thorny vines coursing through the building, turning anything inside into a hideous plant-hybrid that was hence frozen in time. Trode and Medea were spared due to standing within the magic circle as the curse took hold, and the lone survivor beyond them was but a lowly guard mysteriously spared. The trio would set out to avenge themselves and undo the curse at any cost.

Much later when the group has expanded to include Yangus, Jessica Albert, and Angelo, the party returns to the castle to research legends of an ethereal ship that will help them hunt the mad minstrel in foreign lands. This leads the group to the dwelling of Ishmahri through a shadow cast upon the castle library floor. When the great evil behind Dhoulmags is slain, the curse upon the castle and it's people is finally undone, with the citizens running out to celebrate their heroes.



Within the castle:

Surrounding region:

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age[edit]

Castle Trodain is the final area available in the altar of the cursed king in the Echo Chamber. The Luminary and his party arrive just after the king and his entourage have left for the moonshadow lands, and are spoken to by Ishmahri through a disembodied voice. The mysterious being explains that the travellers to his world have become trapped due to the actions of a monster--the sun has been fixed high in the sky for days on end and something must be done. The monster, Dayle, is lurking in the former scepter room and has been casting Tick-Tock every evening to keep the perpetual day going. After a quick trouncing, night returns to Trodain and Ishmahri expresses his gratitude to the party with a Shamshir of light.

Map of Castle Trodain[edit]