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Treasures n' Trapdoors (originally Pachisi), regularly shortened to T n' T, is a mini game that can be played in several Dragon Quest games. It is a board game which can be played by using a particular ticket item from each game. Often, it features beneficial prizes that can be used by the playable characters of the game.

The game is composed of an assortment of various tiles the character "token" must move around on, such as terrain, shops, hazards, and chests, that are navigated by dice "throws". Monsters can appear on the boards, the ones encountered determined by the level of the participant. Only the lead character can play the game: other teammates must wait at the start of the board.

It can be played any time with a T'n'T free pass.


Dragon Quest III[edit]

Dragon Quest V[edit]

There are five T'n'T boards throughout the world, in increasing difficulty:

Dragon Quest Builders[edit]

Treasures n' Trapdoors appears in the game as a crafted item for decoration, requiring three freezia flowers, magic dye and a broken branch to construct. Adds +500 base level EXP.


"Treasures n' Trapdoors" is a pun on the Dungeons & Dragons franchise.

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