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Dragon Quest VIII's Mini Medal

A mini medal (also localized as tiny medal or small medal) is an item hidden throughout many Dragon Quest games. They are often found in chests of drawers, treasure chests, and other searchable locations. Collected mini medals can be exchanged for various prizes in the game in which they are found.


Dragon Quest III[edit]

Mini medals only appear in the remakes of Dragon Quest III. They are collected by a man living in the well in Aliahan.

Medals Prize
5 Thorn whip
10 Garter
20 Edged boomerang
30 Strength ring
35 INTSpecs
50 Ninja suit
60 Justice abacus
70 AGLScarf
80 Dragon claw
90 Vivify wand
95 Sacred bikini
100 Gold pass

Dragon Quest IV[edit]

In Dragon Quest IV, mini medals are collected by a king who lives in Minikin's Dominion.

In the NES version, a total of 32 medals could be found, which were used as a separate currency for the prizes offered by the medal king. A player could get more than one of the same prize offered by the medal king; however, in order to get the best prize the player could not buy any other prize, as it cost 32 medals.

Medals Prize
1 Staff of divine wrath
4 Happy hat
6 Miracle sword
20 Liquid metal helm

In the DS remake, the number of medals and prizes earned was changed to follow the system used in more recent Dragon Quest games:

Medals Prize
15 Strength ring
20 Ruby of protection
25 Magical skirt
30 Staff of divine wrath
34 Kerplunk bracer
38 Miracle sword
43 Happy hat
47 Mighty armlet
52 Liquid metal shield
60 Gringham whip

Dragon Quest V[edit]

Mini medals can be brought to King Dominicus in the southernmost island of the world.

Medals Prize
12 Powjamas
17 Glombolero
23 Miracle sword
28 Sacred armour
35 Falcon blade
50 Metal king shield

Dragon Quest VI[edit]

The Mini medal can be bought to Medford's Manor.

Medals Prize
15 Staff of divine wrath
25 Raging ruby
30 Platinum sword
40 Miracle sword
50 Sands of time
60 Sacred armour
70 Metal king helm
80 Glombolero
90 Dragonic Diligence
100 Robust lingerie

Dragon Quest VII[edit]

After the player defeats Gracos in Wetlock, the player is able to access the Medal King provided that they also have the Magic Carpet.

Medals Prize Infomation
45 Poison Dagger 1 Attack, 15 Appearance, Equipable by Maribel, Gabo and Melvin. Can instantly kill an enemy
50 Wind Staff 35 Attack, 20 Appearance, Equipable by Marible and Melvin. When used in battle, it casts Infermore
58 Sacrifice Ring When used in battle, it cast Sacrifice
65 Miracle Sword 100 Attack, 38 Appearance, Equipable by Hero and Aira. 1/4 of the damage done against enemies is recovered in HP
75 Enclosure Plan Used in the Monster Meadows
83 Sage Rock When used in battle, recovers ~80 HP to all allies.
90 Metal King Shield 70 Defense, 40 Appearance, Equipable by everyone but Maribel. Reduces 30 damage from fire/ice attacks.
95 Bolero 40 Defense, -50 Appearance, Equipable by All. Reduces MP consumption by half
100 ? Shard Used on the Pedestals in the Estard Ruins.
105 Ultimate Whip 145 Attack, 57 Appearance, Equipable by Maribel, Melvin and Aira. Attacks all enemies with decreasing damage.
110 Platinum King Jewel Heart Allows one character to become a Platinum King Jewel when taken to the Temple of Dharma

Dragon Quest VIII[edit]

In Dragon Quest VIII, they are collected by Princess Minnie.

Dragon Quest IX[edit]

Captain Max Meddlin collects mini medals in Dragon Quest IX. He can be found in the north east corner of Dourbridge. Prizes are awarded after giving the captain a certain number of mini medals. After the captain is presented with the 80th mini medal, he gives the player a Dragon Robe and the Capn's Curtsy party trick. Afterwards, the player can trade in any number of mini medals for whichever prize they choose. The prizes are listed below

Medals Prize Infomation
3 Prayer ring Recovers MP on use; may break. Also used in several alchemy recipes.
5 Elfin elixir Restores all MP of a single party member
8 Saint's ashes Used to purify cursed equipment
10 Reset stone Resets certain equipment to their base forms
15 Orichalcum Required for many alchemy recipes
20 Pixie boots Protects against Damage Floors while equipped

Dragon Quest Swords[edit]

You can exchange your mini medals to Minimoggie . He is located in a cave in the north east corner of Castle Avalonia.


  • A tiny medal. Gather enough and you can exchange them with Princess Minnie for prizes. (Description when selecting the Mini medal in PS2 Dragon Quest VIII.)


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